Wearable Technology for Skin Protection

Wearable Technology for Skin Protection
When hanging outdoors, sunshine is our greatest opponent. This is due to harmful radiations in the sun beam. Could wearable technology have a solution?
Skin Protection Wearables
When hanging outdoors, sunshine is our greatest opponent. This is due to harmful radiations in the sun beam.

Skin cancer is the most frequent type of cancer but unfortunately having a pleasant tan continues to be a beauty pattern. Luckily, in recent years people understanding and awareness of the odds of getting skin cancer has increased.

Wearables or more popularly, wearable technology gadgets are finding a niche market in this area of cosmetics. Here is an insight into wearable technology gadgets that can help you avoid skin cancer and ultimately, sunburns.

Spinali Swimsuit

Spinali Design is not just a regular bikini maker. They have a wearable technology swimsuit integrated with UV light sensors.

Depending on the wearer’s skin sensitivity to light, this smart wearable technology swimsuit alerts the wearer to apply sunscreen.


Violet Wearable Technology Device

Violet Wearable Technology Device

The Violet UV Light Wearable Device

With this wearable technology gadget, you simply attach it on your clothes and off-you go. This waterproof wearable is really both vitamin D and vitamin B sensor.

It is also tracks your sun exposure. It enables you to understand how much time you have before you get sunburned. One great advantage is that one Violet gadget alone may track multiple users.


UVBee by Zoxxon

UVBee is a wearable technology device that has been developed by French firm Zoxxon. UVBee is a UV detector which is often hooked onto the user’s clothes or may be worn like a bracelet as well.



Raymio is a wearable technology wristband that allows you to know once your ultraviolet exposure amount is excessive. It advises the user to apply sunscreen or to seek shade out.

The band is linked to an app. It is available in multiple colors. Sadly the merchandise isn’t yet available in the market but the firm promises it’ll be available in the near future.


Another wearable technology band that measures ultraviolet level is the UveBand. It doesn´t just discover intensity of visible light- in addition, it collects data of specific UVA and UVB rays. These two types of UV rays are the most harmful the skin of all rays in the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum.

UveBand vibrates once worn around your hand to remind the individual that it is time to apply some sunscreen on. It recharges itself as it actively monitors the sun’s UV rays. By just removing it from your wrist it’s possible for you to turn it off.


It’s likewise essential to drink plenty of water and remain in the shade besides using sunscreen products.

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