Best Wearable Technology Gadgets

Wearable technology gadgets, which are the best  in the World at the moment?
Are you looking to keep track of your alertness and energy levels, or get a nudge when you fall asleep while you shouldn’t or adorn your wrist with smartphone notifications? The here are three must have wearable technology gadgets for you!

The Apple Watch

 Apple watch, a top device in wearable technology gadgets

Apple Watch on display at an Apple Store


According to Apple Inc., the Apple watch is the most personal device that the company has made to date. It is not only an irresistible of wearable technology gadgets but also an ultimate collector’s item for the watch lovers. The Apple watch is not your traditional watch but a smartwatch, a premiere smartwatch that allows you to interact with other versatile forms of technology in an easy and intuitive manner.

The Apple watch is available in 20 distinct models. The price varies from model to model. For those yearning to own a piece of this unheralded smartwatch, be ready to spend anywhere between $549 and $1099 depending on your model choice, if you order directly from the Apple Stores.

Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel, a trendy fof the wearable technology gadgets

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

This is another top notch smartwatch and popular amongst wearable technology gadgets. The Pebble steel smartwatch endeavors to lessen the hustles of multi-tech gadgets by bringing all functionalities aboard this watch. According to Pebble Technology, Corp., the Pebble steel smartwatch will allow you access your emails, messages, texts and every other important thing you need to be in the know of, right on your wrist.

The prices of the Pebble Steel are much more pocketed friendly. You can grab yourself one of these coveted Pebble Steel smartwatches on Amazon for just $169.99.

Vigo, First of Futuristic Wearable Technology Gadgets

Vigo Alertness Device, a premiere amongst wearable technology gadgets

Vigo Alertness Device

Vigo is a revolutionary of the wearable technology gadgets. This extraordinary tech gadget is a pemiere wearable health technology gadget that monitors energy and alertness levels of a person. Vigo is deemed to be the first wearable technology device that can quantify alertness.

Vigo works by tracking patterns in an individual’s blinks and movement. The device then uses this data to evaluate and quantify the alertness level of an individual in real time.

This cutting-edge wearable technology device was developed by Vigo Technologies of San Francisco, California. The device is available on pre-order basis at the moment.

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